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First TechnologyimageIt is a matter of pride and prestige for the highly trained, qualified and motivated medical staff of Wooridul Spine Hospital, that it is counted as one the best in the world, in spinal care and it’s our constant endeavour to innovate and inculcate the best practices in the treatment of spinal disorders.. We have brought in Minimal invasive spine surgery method leading to more new developments in disc treatment and surgical techniques, many of them pioneered by our medical team. It is commonly accepted that the key to disc disorder treatment is accurate diagnosis. We, at W.S.H., have the complete range of sophisticated, state of the art, imaging and diagnosic equipment to arrive at the most accurate and precise diagnosis.
Best HopeimageWooridul Spine Hospital is guided by the maxim that there is no incurable spinal disease or disorder. Based on that premise, all our actions and behavior is oriented to put the patients mind at rest, so that they are psychologically assured and prepared thus aiding in the treatment aspect. The medical personnel take care of the surgical part, being backed by the highly advanced state of the art facilities, technology and equipment. Even patients turned away by most other spinal facilities around the world find hope and cure at WSH. The reason is not far to find. We offer care with loads of love, which makes a world of difference in how a patient responds.
Total Care in Spine When thinking of spinal disorders the one that comes to mind as one of the best in the international community would be Wooridul Spine Hospital. We have the best and most qualified doctors, trained and having overseas degrees and experience, plus loving and caring support staff.
Our facilities and equipments are world class and our medical staff keeps on innovating and coming up with better treatment techniques and procedures. It is a matter of pride and prestige to the medical staff of WSH that it is regarded as one of the best spinal facility in the world. Accurate and precise diagnosis, world class treatments using the latest methods and techniques makes us stand out, as the best among the best as we use technology coupled with loving patient care.